What is M-Law Services

M-Law Services is a digital platform for access to legal services provided by advocates registered on the system.

M-Law Services provides legal services through mobile platforms towards bridging the huge gap in access for legal services to the poor, marginalized and vulnerable Kenyans. The system has three service platforms, namely:

  • USSD system The USSD service works by allowing clients to dial a particular code, a menu pops up with different functionalities.
  • Mobile Application system The M-Law Application system works by allowing customers to download the M-Law application from mobile phone application stores over the internet. Once installed, the application has a menu with different functionalities. Download the application here

Why M-Law Services?

Problem Statement

Kenya is a multi-ethnic state with a total population is estimated at 41 million inhabitants as of 2011. In recognition of the role of access to justice and legal services towards development, Kenya's Vision 2030 acknowledges that economic growth alone is insufficient for achieving a meaningful improvement in the quality of life of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people. The Vision identifies lack of access to justice as having a direct link to poverty and, accordingly, recognizes the need for access to justice as a pillar for economic development and poverty reduction.

The Constitution of Kenya of 2010 also enshrines the right to equal access to justice and the right to legal services. However, most Kenyans who are poor, marginalized and or in remote or urban-slam areas often are unaware of their rights and never realize or enjoy these rights. These disenfranchised section of the society lack access to basic legal services, have no idea what to do when they are uprooted from their homes, land and businesses, and intimidated through violence by the family, rich and influential in society. Equally significant is the fact that youth and women who wish to start businesses find it very difficult to do so due to high costs in accessing legal services.

This is a very worrying trend that has a negative implication on the general development of the country. Excluding a large percentage of the population from the rule of law and legal services means they have no equal chances to better their lives to climb out of poverty. As it were, very few Kenyans who need legal services can afford to pay for them, and most are ignorant of their legal rights. People who do not know their legal rights can neither claim nor enforce those rights. Millions are in need of legal services but are unable to afford the specialized knowledge and skills of the legal professionals.

Imbalance In Demand and Supply of Legal Services

As of 1st January, 2017, Kenya had total of 8,236 active lawyers registered with the Law Society of Kenya. Certainly, the number of available legal service providers is not proportional to the demands of the society. It is noteworthy that the Advocates (Remuneration) Order 2014 provides that the least an advocate can charge for provision of written legal opinion is Kshs. 35,000.00. Consequently, legal services are largely available only to the economically rich and or average members of society. Access to legal services and justice is therefore clearly beyond the reach of millions of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable Kenyans.

Free or subsidized access to legal advice is therefore a critical instrument in the enhancement of access to justice, especially for the poor, marginalized and vulnerable.

Through M-Law Services, advocates registered on this platform seeks to address these concerns.

Meet Our Team

Teddy Okello Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Teddy OKELLO is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. He is the founder of M-Law Services.

Peter Kanyoni Project Manager

Mr. Kanyoni is a trained IT specialist. He is the lead brains behind the IT aspects of M-Law Services

Ceaser Mwau Software Development

Mr. KATWIWA is the our application developer. He also maintains the digital system.

Our Partners