Benefits of being a registered member of Mlaw services
  • Affordable and immediate access to legal services at the comfort of mobile phones
  • Easy access to legal documents of all kinds.
  • Easy and convenient access to lawyers nearest to you
  • Free access to legal advice on call basis
  • Affordable registration of Business Names, Companies and Youth Groups
  • Advocates increase their market penetration based on expertise and location and prospects for engagement by foreign firms/individuals
  • Allows legal interns to train through legal aid services to the individuals referred to them
  • Generally bridge the gap in access to legal services to youth, women and marginalized members of the society

    Download the latest forms used in various government processes.


    Download template documents or request for draft documents for your use.


    Due diligence is very important exercise in commercial and other transactions. Request for search reports on land, motor vehicles, and registered entities.


    Advocates registered on the system will help you collect your debts through a simple and effective process.


    Call an advocate nearest to you and registered on the platform to assist you with your legal needs.


    Our advocates will help you register an appropriate vehicle through which you can implement your commercial and/or philanthropic goals. These entities include:

    • Limited Liability Company
    • Business Names – Sole Proprietorships or Partnerships
    • Limited Liability Partnerships
    • Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Societies
    • Self-Help Groups


    Intellectual Property is gaining prominence in commercial transaction especially in view of steady growth of innovations in Africa. Our laws recognize IP and protect it. Ensure your TRADE MARK, COPYRIGHT and PATENTS are projected through formal and timely registration.


    The Companies Act of 2015 requires limited liability companies to file annual returns. The platform helps in ensuring that your company is compliant in this respect.

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"The mobile industry remains a key driver of economic growth and employment in sub-saharan Africa, making a vital contribution given the population growth and high unemployment levels seen in many countries.

Mobile technology is also playing a central role in Sub-saharan Africa by addressing social-economic challenges, particularly digital and financial inclusion, and enabling access to vital services such as education and healthcare."GSMA Ag. Director General, Alex Sinclair.

For many Africans faced with poor or non-existent landlines infrastructure, mobile phones are the route to the Internet instead of laptops or desktop computers.

But the growth rate in sub-saharan Africa is expected to slow sharply over the next five years. This is partly due to the "weak business case for rural network rollout" where the income from remote communities make it difficult to justify the high investment costs.

Future progress will depend on government working with the industry to provide a regulatory environment that encourages investment and innovation."

Africa's Mobile Sector Growth Set to Slow" (AFP) - Daily Nation, Monday October 12, 2015.

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